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What's Powering Your Growth?

You're creating content. You're sending emails. You've invested in a strong CRM, marketing automation and more. Are these investments of time, energy & money translating into:

  • More, high quality sales opportunities?
  • Higher sales cycle velocity?
  • Faster growth rates?
  • Lower acquisition costs?

Join us on June 27, 2018 at 2 pm ET when we'll share the inside secrets that came from a one-year research project into the key factors that unlock the power that propels the best companies to accelerate growth and move beyond their competition. Some of the key highlights from the program are:

  • The key differences between sales organizations that beat their quota from sales teams that struggle to meet their quota
  • Why most lead nurture efforts fail, and how to design your lead nurtures to generate more, high quality sales opportunities
  • How to activate the leads that lay dormant in your funnel
  • The keys to making your tech stack effective
  • The biggest missing ingredient that is dragging your growth and costing you million
As always, if you register and can't attend we'll send you a recording of the session. Also, be sure to register because this time we're preparing a special product that we will share only with those who register.