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The Executive's Guide to Winning Sales With Today's New Buyer


Here are the best practices, data and playbook to building a B2B sales process that creates scalable growth.

Is Your Sales & Marketing Process Built to Win Sales Faster and More Profitably With Today's New Buyer?


The B2B sales world has undergone radical change.  Two trends are driving this change:

  • The middle-management gap that exists in most customer organizations has widened the chasm between those who manage the problem you solve and those who allocate resources.
  • The very nature of how organizations assess problems, vet solutions and buy has completely changed.

Successful selling in the B2B world has gotten increasingly complex and challenging.  Companies must address sales growth with a more comprehensive game plan than they have in the past.  

This ebook is based upon two years of research conducted by Lift Enablement into the what and the how of scalable sales growth.  

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