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In this edition of The Sales Genius Network Webinar Series We Present:

Unlock the Latent Power of Your CRM, Marketing Automation & DemandGen Tech Stack

In 2017 GartnerCEB found that companies were spending, on average, nearly $5,000 more per sales rep/per year on technology than they were just a couple of years before. Yet, despite those investments, sales conversions were decreasing. Today there can simply be no question that your business needs to use technology to compete today, but technology alone is not enough to succeed.

For more than a decade we've helped mid-market, growth focused companies design, integrate and build tech stacks that drive greater productivity & impact. We've recently completed a research project studying 500 companies and their utilization of technology for growth.

In this webinar, we'll share:

  • The 3 most common and damaging mistakes nearly every company makes when designing and building their tech stack.

  • How to increase the adoption, utilization and effectiveness of the technology currently in your "stack."

  • How to integrate and align technology utilization with your growth strategy.

  • How to use technology to ensure you lower sales costs and increase your revenue per employee.

  • Plus, we'll answer any tech questions you have.