The Secrets to Successfully Hiring Salespeople

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Due to an unavoidable conflict the webinsr has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 28.  If you are unable to attend at this time, please register as we will make a recording of the webinar available to you on demand.

Solve The #1 Problem Preventing Fast Growth for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Studies show that 75-85% of salespeople that are hired by small and mid-size companies (SMEs) do not succeed.  Yet, inevitably, if you want to grow and strengthen your competitive position you must, at some time, confront the sales hiring challenge.

Simply put, the single toughest task for any SME is successfully hiring salespeople.  Companies that can do this predictably experience 5 – 10 times the rewards and business equity value of those that can’t.

The cost of a sales mis-hire can be devastating.  The direct costs are estimated to be 4x the annual compensation, and if you factor in the opportunity costs, experts project the cost of a mis-hire to be 13 times compensation.

In this webinar we present The Keys to Successful Sales Hiring: Avoiding The Pitfalls & Making The Process Predictable.

We’ll share:

  • The 5 Deadly Myths That Destroy Your Ability to Hire Successfully
  • How Understanding The Four Sales Roles Can Make Hiring Easy
  • Developing the Metrics to Ensure The Wrong Person Doesn’t Stay


We’ll highlight how a system approach to hiring and sales can increase the results of your salespeople by as much as four times.

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