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Successfully Growing in a Recovery

20 Questions to Ask to Ensure Your Success

Successfully Growing in a Recovery Front PageTurbulent times + high inflation + volatile stock market = the end of “cheap,” free-flowing money

You’re probably already seeing the effects of this in your business. 

For example, sales cycles are lengthening. That’s because companies’ valuations are plummeting; this results in a growing caution about investing in products or services. Why?  Because there’s less of a return on investment in terms of valuation. 

That’s why every sale is harder to close—and that makes it harder to grow your business.

Notice I said “harder,” not impossible. 

As the saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The Great Recession taught us some important lessons about successfully weathering a recovery—and many can still be leveraged today to grow your company under difficult circumstances.

The key is asking the right questions. 

I recently revisited and updated 20 questions I compiled in 2010 to help companies grow during the last recovery. They’ve undergone a trial by fire. And I’d like to share them with you in my updated ebook. 

Download Successfully Growing in a Recovery: Why Recoveries Can Be More Dangerous Than Recessions & 20 Questions to Ask to Ensure Your Success now!