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Free Resource Kit:

The Core B2B Sales Toolkit


Three Powerful Tools to Open & Control The Conversation

The Diagnostic Scorecard is a powerful sales tool that can allow any organization or salesperson to open up, define and provoke the value of their value proposition.  By focusing the content on important issues to your target customers, and utilizing a simple scoring systems, prospects and customers can quickly gain a sense of the value of working with you.


The Cost Calculator Worksheet is a tool that enables you to collaborate with your customers, prospects to turn symptoms, frustrations and concerns into full-fledged, monetized problems. It allows you to navigate the conversation away from a "what's it cost" conversation into a "what's it worth" conversation.

The ROI Worksheet allows you to demonstrate the value of your products and services at work in your customer/client's world. ROI worksheets can be geared to the value of your solution, and they're even more valuable when it's geared to demonstrating the cost of the problem.

Download The Core Sales Toolkit