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On Demand Webinar:

Using Sales Enablement Strategies to Create Predictable and Scalable Revenue Growth



Sales Enablement is a hot topic today, but what does it really mean and how can your business take advantage of it?

In this webinar, Imagine explains just that. In an encore presentation of his popular Inbound16 session, Imagine Founder and CEO, Doug Davidoff, leads you through the journey to take advantage of this critical linchpin to scaling sales. He discusses:

  • The sales growth problems that sales enablement solves
  • How to know when you’re ready to “press on the gas” for growth
  • How to utilize sales enablement strategies to increase sales efficiency and velocity
  • Designing your sales process to scale growth
  • How to ensure you’re using technology effectively

If you’re leading an effort to accelerate revenue growth in 2017 and beyond, don’t miss this webinar.