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How To Create Your Sales Development Playbook


The most important indicator for sales growth is lead velocity. The key to increasing lead velocity is a sustained and constant focus on prospecting. Sales development is the key to this effort, but to make it work you must have a strong playbook.

According to research from the Kellogg School of Business, sales organizations that effectively use sales development see a 7-point increase in their closing rates.

sales-development-playbook.pngThe sales development role is currently one of the fastest growing, highest ROI sales strategies being utilized by high-growth organizations. While the opportunity is large, for the sales development process to be successful you must have excellent processes in place to support it. 

This workbook walks you through the process of creating your sales development playbook. It covers:

  • Preparing SDRs to win.
  • Defining your markets.
  • Creating phraseology that leads to strong conversations.
  • Outlining outreach sequences.
  • Managing an effective handoff.

Whether you're utilizing sales development now or not, this workbook will help you gain efficiencies and improve your overall prospecting efforts.

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