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Online Course: 

The Revenue Acceleration Framework

A proven, 13-session roadmap to transform and dynamically grow your business


Doug Davidoff, Founder & CEO

As companies spend more money hiring sales reps and buying tech, sales conversions continue to plummet. In fact, 40 percent of sales end in no decision—which means no one wins, including the buyer.

Why? It boils down to one thing: a chasm between an organization’s strategy and execution. 

As a result, buyers lack the data and insights needed to make quick, confident, and effective decisions.

The only way to close this chasm is by transforming your company’s approach.

The Revenue Acceleration Framework Course will show you the methods that successful companies use to scale growth.

In this 13-session video course, you'll learn: 


Why You Need to Transform to Win


4 Key Components of the Go To Market (GTM) Strategy


Structure and Why It Matters


Defining Your Approach


Managing Acquisition

The Revenue Acceleration Framework course will help you transform your business so you win more sustainably and more often. This course is based on academic research and years of experience working with two dozen companies that sold for a total of $2 billion.

  • Discover how successful organizations achieve and sustain growth
  • Identify where companies fail to achieve sustainable growth
  • Learn from Doug's 30 years of experience with over 1,500+ companies
  • Gain actionable insights to transform your company's growth


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Course Overview

Kick-off The Revenue Acceleration Framework course with an overview module of what you can expect  from the course and the foundations you'll need for the rest of the modules. The rest of the course will be broken down into these four sections:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • The Economic Model 
  • Understanding Your Win Rate
  • The Sales Model and Structure
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Structure
  • Revenue Operations
  • Building Out Your Tech Stack
  • Defining Your MO/Approach
  • Building Your Playbook
  • Managing Acquisition
  • Performance - Making it Happen