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A strong Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy is like having access to the cheat codes of a difficult video game. They enable you to see things that others don’t, move faster, and gain a highly differentiated, “unfair” competitive advantage. Designing such a strategy requires deep expertise across multiple business disciplines and processes, mixed with the ability to identify, capture and exploit the critical few inflection points that make a difference.

Your strategy must answer these five questions:

  • What is our business model & how can we best exploit it?

  • Who do we want to be a hero to (providing a clear definition of your Ideal Client Profile, Target Personas, and Jobs to be Done)?

  • How does our value proposition stand out and resonate with our customers, while distinguishing us from competitive and alternative options?
  • How will we position ourselves in our selected markets to achieve right-message-fit that resonates with our target market to stimulate meaningful conversations?

  • How will we profitably acquire and retain customers & revenue?

But answering these questions is not enough. Your answers must be paired with a strong focus on execution, ensuring that you play the right game to win.