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imagine_ebook_7stepsWhat if you woke up one day and found that everything you thought was true wasn’t? What if you learned that every day, the actions you were taking to grow your revenue, increase your profitability and build the equity value of your business were actually holding you back and making business growth more difficult?

Well, that’s what happened to me 18 years ago. As a top-producing salesperson and a leader of a growing business, I realized that the vast majority of what I was being taught and what I believed about the sales and marketing process was actually:

  • Lengthening my sales cycle
  • Eliminating my competitive advantage
  • Commoditizing me and my company
  • Restricting the price I could charge
  • Lowering my closing ratio
  • And, simply making life more difficult, more complex and less rewarding

In this report, I share my discovery and the research and findings I've made over that time that, when followed, turns sales growth into a simple, predictable and even enjoyable experience.

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