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How to Create an Effective Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Learn how to create the agreement that will keep your revenue generation team moving in the right direction...together!

Companies with a documented SLA are 34% more likely to experience higher ROI than those without one.


Effective lead management plays a significant role in revenue generation. Without it, meeting your revenue goals will be difficult at best. 

Your marketing and sales departments each play a critical role in lead management and revenue generation. In some organizations it is difficult to get the two teams to work together toward a common goal. That's where Service Level agreements (SLAs) come in.

SLAs document everything from who your buyer personas are to lead definitions to who handles each type of lead. They also provide a document where you can determine the metrics that will be tracked, how often they will be evaluated and agreed upon goals for your revenue generation team.

Be more likely to experience higher ROI - get your SLA in place today.

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