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The Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Target Cost Calculator


Use this tool to ensure that you're allocating your sales and marketing resources effectively and driving the results you desire.

Do you know how much it costs you to create sales opportunities and acquire new customers?


Understanding your costs is crucial to creating a system that produces consistent, sustainable and scalable b2b sales results. Unfortunately, very few small and mid-sized companies understand their sales cost structure well enough.

This creates two potential problems (one obvious and one not-so-obvious):

  • If your costs are too high, you’ll struggle to grow profitably and your very sustainability will be threatened.
  • If your costs are too low, you may very well struggle to gain the momentum and velocity you need to break through the noise, separate yourself from your competition and achieve your sales growth goals.

This simple-to-use calculator allows you to quickly determine what you should be investing to create sales opportunities so that you can assess your strategies and tactics and ensure you're getting the best return for your investment.

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