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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

- the Owl (paraphrased) from Alice in Wonderland

Your numbers & projections matter in good times, they're crucial in difficult times. There are three keys to succeeding through difficult markets:

  1. You must execute quickly and effectively, falling behind is more dangerous than ever
  2. There must be transparency - the must be a single source of objective truth
  3. You must allocate limited resources towards fewer, higher quality areas to maintain a proactive, investment & growth mindset

Your growth model is your map, and if it's not based on realistic, real-time data you're going to get lost, and in a difficult market getting lost is dangerous. You're going to be forced to make quick decisions that must be anticipated before the scenario presents itself, with no time to think. Those decisions will disproportionately impact how well you get through the disruption and how well you do when it's over.

In this six-part course, our CEO Doug Davidoff will demonstrate the five cornerstones of a strong growth model, how to design them effectively and how to update them in times of transition/disruption.

Here's a preview of the six modules:

1. Overview: The Five Cornerstones of a Strong Growth Model
2. Building Your Economic Model: How to ensure that you're allocating your resources and investments to their best use
3. The Win Rate Model: Creating predictability and efficiency in your sales process & pipeline management
4. The Demand Generation Model: Create transparency and predictability in all of your efforts. How to acid-test your projections, identify the key areas needed for improvement and know when your ahead (or behind) in hitting your targets (with time to do something about it).
5. The Win Rubric: How to assess the quality of a sales opportunity and a realistic outlook of whether you will win or not
6. Forecasting: How to build a strong forecast model and manage forecasting on a month-to-month basis

Warning: This is an advanced course and math is a key component.