5 Keys to Starting 2012 Off Fast!


If you’re a salesperson you know how special the months of January through April are.  Four uninterrupted months, when your customers and prospects are back at work, focused and ready to do business. 

Your performance in the first four months of the year will determine how good 2012 is.

The 5 Keys to Getting Your Sales Year Off to a Fast-Start

Join us on Tuesday, December 13th at 2pm EST, we’ll share the secrets we’ve learned working with the best salespeople in the world that allow them to get their year off to a tremendous start.

In this 35-minute webinar we’ll share:

  • How to hyperfocus on your best opportunities
  • Identifying “target rich environments”
  • How to break through the noise, stand out and get heard by your prospects

Plus, we’ll share a secret to access the tough to find “ultimate decision maker."

Here's a preview: